Maddison and John

How We Met: John and I met at work. John was a personal trainer at the gym we worked at, and I was the front desk receptionist. We started talking and bonding over our mutual love of Game of Thrones and being active. Our first date was a walk around Zorinsky Lake in Omaha and the rest is history!=)

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how they asked: In June my family decided to take a vacation to Alaska as my mom had just moved up to Anchorage a couple months before. We were so excited to go on our ” Alaska Adventure” and see all the beautiful scenery and wildlife. The proposal happened on our 2nd hike of the trip on Winner Creek Trail in the Chugach Mountains of Girdwood, AK. John was hiking behind all of us when he called me back to him( come to find out he was walking so far behind us because the ring kept falling out of the box in his pocket and was jingling pretty loud).

” Wouldn’t it be cool if we got engaged in Alaska”? he asked me. ” Ya” I said back. ” Well it would have to be next year. Like around Christmas time” he replied back. Now I had been expecting the proposal at some point during our Alaska trip so to hear him say that my stomach plummeted and I got so upset thinking I would have to wait a whole year for the proposal that I wanted to happen now! So naturally I told him just that, to which he just laughed and told me to be patient.

We kept hiking and rounded this corner to a beautiful sight. There was a bridge to cross over and flowing under the bridge was this beautiful gorge with water running down to a waterfall at the end. At the end of the bridge was a rocky outcrop you could climb down to a platform closer to the water. John told me he wanted us to climb down there for some pictures, so we did.

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When we climbed down there I turned around to look up at my mom, sister, and my mom’s boyfriends cousin on the bridge to take pictures, when John said ” Hey can you hold this for me”? I turned around to see him down on one knee and holding a box with the prettiest ring in it.

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I immediately went into shock/nervous mode and started repeating over and over again ” Are you serious? Is this real? No way!”. He could only mutter a quick ” will you marry me”? because I just kept blabbing away. My mom, sister, and moms boyfriends cousin were snapping away pictures the whole time. It was the most beautiful, magical setting to get engaged at. I will always remember our ” Alaska Adventure”.

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