Maddison and John

Maddison's Proposal in White Tank Mountains

How We Met

John and I’s story began on May 2, 2014. It was through a strange series of events that would take place before we would ever actually meet but it went something like this. A friend of mine posted a picture of us on his Snapchat story asking people to reply and talk to us and someone did! But not John! This was Johns best friend all the way in Fresno, CA named Rylan. It was prom season and me and my friend Emily were without dates so what better thing to do then convince Rylan to come to AZ and bring a friend to be our dates (this friend would be John!) So Rylan and I connected John and Emily to help break the ice before “prom!” Of course this was unrealistic and me and Emily were fed up with the drama of high school so we took off on a road trip to Anaheim to visit the beach and downtown Disney and skip prom. After Emily had been texting and snap chatting John, he grabbed my attention so I would steal Emily’s phone and text him back for her! During our stay in Anaheim I finally told Emily that if she wasn’t interested that I was going to take her phone and tell John that he should text me…so I did…and he texted me. The next three months were spent on the phone FaceTiming and texting at all hours of the day and long into the night. In August, I had enough and I wanted to meet this guy! I booked a flight out to Fresno to meet him and he told me that for many reasons I couldn’t go. At the time, I took it that he wasn’t interested so although I was disappointed I tried to let things go. After about a week of silence, I got a call from John in the middle of the night telling me that the real reason he said I couldn’t come meet him was because he knew that if I did, he would fall in love and that terrified him. I was shocked and had no words to say! Later that day I called him back to talk more about our conversation before and we had agreed that when harvest season was over in November, John would come to AZ to meet me. I anticipated that day and waited anxiously but patiently.

On November 28 I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready to pick John up from the airport. I was so nervous that I got very lost but finally made it to the gate. As I waited my eyes weaved through all the people walking until he finally made his way through the crowd. I walked towards him and he picked me up and kissed me. It felt like a movie! After that we spent the next 6 months doing long distance until he moved to AZ to be with me and the rest is history!

how they asked

Fast forward 3 and half years from that day in the airport. Like most girls, I have always told John there were just a few things that I wanted for the proposal. 1. He had to talk to my dad. 2. I wanted to be surprised. 3. My nails needed to be done. 4. Somehow he needed to pull off having a photographer there to capture the moment. In May by best friend Cassy and I went to look at engagement rings and afterwards we went to lunch. While eating, Cassy told me that because my birthday was coming up she wanted to gift me a photo session that she won in a giveaway from a photographer forever ago. Without questioning her I was excited! We talked about what John and I should wear and although I wanted to keep it casual she insisted that I go all out because it’s not very often we get an opportunity for a free session from a photographer. So I did! I spent the next month splurging and got a new dress, my nails done, spray tan, and hair/makeup on the day of…I did it all! We even got John new suit bottoms and a nice button up! Although I was excited for the session, of course it had seemed it was set up and so I was hopeful that he would propose. On the morning of June 10th while I was getting ready to go to my hair and makeup appointment I got a Snapchat from our good friend Michelle saying “One more meeting then picking up your mom for a road trip to California!!” That’s when I knew for sure it wasn’t happening that day….John would never propose if my mom and Michelle couldn’t be there to celebrate afterwards. After getting home from my HMU appointment John said that after our session we need to go to the grocery store. I was immediately upset because I thought we were going to a nice dinner to celebrate my birthday which was later that week. He suggested buying food that we could cook at home instead because he forgot to make reservations somewhere. I was so disappointed but nevertheless we headed to our photo session. On the way there I got a Snapchat from my mom and Michelle saying that they had made it to Blythe. We made it to the session and I instantly felt better because of how our photographer Shelby greeted us and made us have so much fun taking pictures. After taking photos for a couple of minutes she insisted that she wanted to try a pose where John would run up from behind me and pick me up/tackle me playfully! I was willing to try anything even if it took multiple times to get the best shot! We did it once and Shelby encouraged John to get a little more playful with it. As I anticipated his tackle on the second time I felt him grab my hand and twist me around and he was down on one knee! He asked if I would marry him and I immediately was in tears! I said YES! and then we continued to take photos showing off my new ring!! The story doesn’t quite end there!…after our session I wanted to call everyone to tell them the news! My mom wouldn’t answer her phone until finally she called me back! She was so excited and we told her we were going to go to my parents house to spend time with my dad and celebrate! She said that’s a great idea and that she wishes she could be there! After the long drive to my parents house we pulled up and as we walked into my parents house the room was filled with all my friends and family who yelled “surprise!” Everyone, including my mom and Michelle, was there to celebrate our engagement and my birthday! I was even more surprised and so excited! It was everything I had ever dreamed of!

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