Maddison and Connor

There are so many details of this day that contribute to its greatness. There is no better place that I could have picked for this memory. There is no other person I can imagine sharing it with.

Earlier in the week, Connor told me he filled out a survey about our last stay in a Sedona resort and they gave him a free night. After a long two weeks with our new puppy, we were both excited to leave him with his grandma for a night. We planned to take it easy and take an afternoon hike to a new destination. Connor usually does the planning so he easily convinced me that Devil’s Bridge would be our next adventure. He had each detail of the day planned out, which actually isn’t usual. We got to the trail head on schedule. We wandered through the forest slower than usual because Connor didn’t want to sweat and mess up his hair, also not that unusual. We made it up to the bridge and stood in awe. There was literally a line of people waiting to take photos (which means there was an audience). We joined the group and waited to take our turn. Our photographer friend John popped out of a little shaded spot and came down to say hi. At that point, I was getting a little suspicious. But, he had a full claim that he was there shooting a cover for a local magazine. Totally believable.

So, I disregarded my anticipation and hopes and was just excited to have some really good pictures of us on the bridge. We finally had our turn and right before we stepped out onto the bridge, I have Connor a hug and tried to hear if his heart was beating fast. It was. On the way up Connor had told me that he had this particular snap in mind of me facing out with my arms spread wide. We took the basic shots and I made my way to the edge for the iconic snap. Standing still, facing out, waiting for Connor to finish, trying so hard not to turn around and look, I heard the man of my dreams say my name without a single shaky nerve in his voice. At that moment, everything was in slow motion. I think I stepped back at first (could have been bad) but he held out his hand and pulled me close. Composed and confident, he poured out his love and asked me to spend the rest of my life by his side. The answer was always YES.

Thank goodness our amazing photographer friend was “there for a magazine cover shoot.”

Oh, and we didn’t actually get a free night.

Everything in that moment was flawless (including my ring – ohhhh myyyy gooosh it is beautiful)!

One other fun fact, which is the perfect cherry on top, is that, that weekend was the same weekend Connor had told me he loved me for the first time, three years prior. I probably could have told you I was going to marry that man three years ago but I am beyond excited to be telling you now.

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