Maddie and Trusten

How We Met

Trusten and I met while working at the same university gym (I was the boss). He was in his senior year and I was in my first year of nursing school. After the same shift and just happened to be the same night off, we started talking about movies and he asked me over to watch one. After Daddy-Daycare ended and a few hours of talking to we decided the next day had to be a date too. And the next. And the next. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve of 2016.

how they asked

Trusten and I have lived long distance for a year due to school and him starting his coaching career. Late July we wanted to go out of town on a date weekend to wrap up the summer. He decided he wanted to plan the whole thing and wouldn’t tell me a word (unlike him). I let him do this and on Friday night he picked me up at 7 sharp from a friend’s and told me there was a new restaurant at the mountain overlook he wanted us to try that night. Upon pulling into the almost empty parking lot he told me it wouldn’t be open till 7:30 and had brought me up early to show me the historic houses.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fayetteville, AR

Maddie's Proposal in Fayetteville, AR

As we turned a corner around some trees (immediately burst into tears) I saw a walkway lined with pictures of use leaded to a stone platform where a sign stood. As he got down on one knee I turned the sign around that asked: “Will You Marry Me?” This man put so much thought into how he would ask to spend the rest of his life with someone. He finished the night by actually taking me out to dinner where our families and close friends all waited.

Special Thanks

Britni Hill
 | Best friend who helped plan everything
Vito Corleone
 | Photographer