Maddie and Trenton

Where to Propose in Pace Bend Campgrounds on Lake Travis in Texas

How We Met

Looking back, there are so many coincidences that Trenton and I were truly meant to find each other. We grew up outside of Sacramento, California in Carmichael (Trenton) and Rocklin (Me, Maddie.)

We look back on certain memories and I’ve determined, we’ve absolutely crossed paths before.

So, let’s take it back to 2014.

Trenton and I were both attending the University of Nevada (NE-VA-DUH NOT NE-VAH-DUH) in Reno. A friend invited me to a tailgate before a Wolfpack football game, where some guy named Trenton was hosting out the back of his beloved Jeep.

Trenton is five years older than me and at the age of 19, I thought, there’s NO way he’s interested in someone who’s barely an adult.


The first memory I have of Trenton is walking up to the tailgate and seeing him dispersing sangria out the back of his Jeep. I was totally awestruck because.. HELLO HOTTIE.

I mostly stuck with my girlfriends at the tailgate because again, he probably doesn’t have any interest in a 19-year-old.

Mine and Trenton’s conversations were fairly brief that night but I remember, as I left the tailgate, I HAD to see him again.

Over the following years, Trenton and I had numerous run-ins at college bars, but it wasn’t until 2016 that we had our first date.

(Finally) ;)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pace Bend Campgrounds on Lake Travis in Texas

How They Asked

Ah, camping, such a fun, romantic activity. The sunrises, the campfire stories.. WRONG. Alright don’t get me wrong, I love camping but this trip was ALMOST a disaster.

So you’ve read how we met in 2014, flash forward to 2016, T asked me on a date. The rest is history.

In 2017, I took my first TV job in South Texas so we have been long distance (until 2020). Trenton was in town in July 2018 so we trekked up to Lake Travis for a camping trip.

We ..I mean HE.. packed the Jeep, including our dogs and we made the 3-hour drive. By the time we arrived, it was dark, and the dogs were getting anxious; my poor dog threw up in the back of his Jeep: misfortune no. 1. We parked in the first site, pitched a tent and slept. Cue next morning: rain, clouds, mud, YIKES. We moved sites to overlook the water and T did his best to make some coffee and breakfast. At one point I looked T in the eyes and said “if this weather continues, we’re going to my aunt and uncles in Austin” yet, the rain cleared and we were able to swim with the dogs.

There was a burn ban in effect so no campfire stories or s’mores. We went to bed and an hour later I woke up to ANTS CRAWLING INTO OUR BED, I freaked, we moved the tent and had to shake out our mattress and sheets. I was less than thrilled to be camping. The next day, God proved this was going to be the BEST camping trip.

The sun was shining, it was hot, the burn ban was lifted, THIS is the kind of camping I wanted. That night, we decided to take pictures as the sunset. Trenton went back to ~turn on the camera timer~ but he was hitting record on his iPad. We “took a picture” and the next thing I know, he’s on one knee, asking me to marry him. I have never been so surprised in my entire life and I am honored & STOKED to be the future Mrs. Hagen.

I don’t think we can top this camping trip!

PS .. these pictures are from our engagement session with Madison Lauren Photography.

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