Maddie and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for 9 years! All throughout college, we did long distance. I played soccer and he played baseball in college. and finally, after college, we were able to be in the same city!

How They Asked

We always knew we wanted to get married and then COVID happened! My family is all out of state and it’s been hard not seeing them. Finally, my parents were able to come into town and Ryan was able to get my brother to come into town to surprise me! Just when I thought I was going over to my best friend’s house for dinner with our families I walked out into this beautiful set up in their backyard that my friend and her family and Ryan had set up!

Image 2 of Maddie and Ryan

Candles and rose petals down a path to almost every picture we have taken together. I instantly started to ugly cry. As soon as I saw Ryan I started bawling. I always thought I wouldn’t cry since we have been together for so long but wow I was emotional! I turn around and I see Ryan’s family and my family as well as my best friend and her family all cheering!

Image 3 of Maddie and Ryan

Image 4 of Maddie and Ryan

Image 6 of Maddie and Ryan

Also, my family and friends who couldn’t be there were all on Skype watching the whole thing! It was such a special moment having my family and friends experiencing our special day! It will be a day I will always remember :)