Maddie and Ronnie

how we met

We met on the dating app, Hinge! The app was perfect because we are both two VERY tall people and the app let you determine what height of match you were looking for. We matched and texted for a few weeks before we had our first date.

how they asked

Ronnie planned a perfect proposal. He had one of our favorite characters from our favorite show (Jerry Gergich from Parks & Recreation) create a video asking me to go the spot where we shared our first kiss. If you watch Parks & Rec, Jerry is a lovable, bumbling man so in true Jerry fashion, he nearly spoiled what the video was truly about. I remember Ronnie sending me the video and I was shaking as I watched it. Long story short, I drove to our first kiss location and Ronnie was waiting with roses and the ring. It was perfect and such a big surprise. Ronnie says the planning process was not too stressful- he had the video made through an app called Cameo and then simply had to decide when it would all happen.

Special Thanks

Rose Courts Photography
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