Maddie and Matthew's Proposal at George Bush Library

Image 1 of Maddie and Matthew

How We Met

Our moms started a bible study together about 20 years ago. We grew up as family friends but were never very close. We both ended up at Texas A&M and about two years ago he asked me on a date. I tried to brush him off at first but man is he persistent! Good thing though because turns out he’s pretty great.

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how they asked

We had Friday night dinner plans but about 15 mins before our reservation his sister’s car wouldn’t start. She had been studying all day at George Bush Library so we went to go pick her up. When we got there she was no where in sight so we went “looking” for her. APRIL FOOLS though because Matthew had planned the whole thing! He led me to a wildflower path by the pond where he had everything set up. Along with the engagement ring, he gave me a new bible with my future name on it. Happy tears in all the pictures because God did a good job with this one.

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