Maddie and Matt

Image 1 of Maddie and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met our sophomore year of college during spring break (in a different state). He was on the beach guarding the cooler. I thought he was attractive, so I asked a mutual friend who he was and they told me he was “so and so’s” boyfriend. I left it at that, but would always see him at the same collegiate events. We would casual say “hello” and have a brief conversation. Eventually, we were both single at the same time and he asked me on a date to a hockey game in Nashville, TN. The rest is history! :)

how they asked

On the 3rd morning of our 8 day vacation to the Big Apple all the way from Tennessee, Matt proposed as the sun was rising on the Brooklyn Bridge and hired a surprise photographer.

Image 2 of Maddie and Matt

Special Thanks

Mackenzie Camille Coffman
 | Photographer