Maddie and Jonah

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How We Met

Jonah and I met on the dating app, Hinge! We both downloaded it because we both had co-workers who told us to give it a try. And with not much luck on Tinder, thankfully he matched with me!

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How They Asked

Our one year anniversary was coming up, and with our state finally easing some COVID-19 restrictions, we decided to reenact our first date. This basically just entailed us going brewery hopping. So, after the breweries, we decided to go to Frederick Meijer Gardens. It’s a lovely place full of different parks from a sculpture garden to a children’s park! We spent a good time walking around, reminiscing how much we had grown together in the past year. Fast forward about an hour and a half later, we reach ten Japanese Gardens. And this has a special place in my heart because we always said we would honeymoon in Japan. The gardens are beautiful.

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There is a big pond, a giant viewing point, a zen garden, a bridge, waterfalls, etc. So, I had this suspicion he was going to pop the question but as time passed and we roamed the gardens that suspicion fizzled out. We were about to leave the gardens when he steered me back toward the bridge, where we just kinda watched the water for a bit.

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Suddenly Jonah starts the sweet talk with the I love you so much, I want to see you every day, and I want to be with you always. He says this all very quietly to me and the next thing I know, he is down on one knee and I am weeping and saying yes!! There was a family nearby who saw and applauded us. After that, he stands up and turns me around, and my best friend Mary had been using her camera to take pictures of us. We ended the day by telling our closest friends and families, and we were given nothing but happiness and blessings. It was perfect! ❤️

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Special Thanks

Mary Webster
 | Photographer