Maddie and Joe

Proposal Ideas Battery Spencer San Francisco, CA

How We Met

Joe and I met in Ms. Wells sixth grade science class. He would sit on the floor near my desk and talk to me during class. I had a crush on him from the moment I met him. It wasn’t until eighth grade that we started dating and have been inseparable ever since! It is so crazy to think that we just knew we were the ones for each other at such a young age but we truly did. Eight years later and we are engaged!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Battery Spencer San Francisco, CA

How They Asked

Joe and I hadn’t seen each other since July, other than a few random days spent in Seattle with our friends since he has been traveling for baseball and I am in nursing school. I flew home into Oakland, CA on the morning of November 17th for Thanksgiving week and was so excited to spend this time with Joe, since I hadn’t had my Joe time in so long. He told me he wanted to take me out to dinner that night in San Francisco to celebrate all of my hard work and accomplishments in nursing school.

I relaxed and spent the day with Joe until I had to get ready for dinner. I dressed up because I knew Joe would be taking me somewhere nice, so my outfit was perfect for the proposal (thank god lol)! We drove to the city and as we were getting close, Joe suggested we stop at a viewpoint of the golden gate bridge (Battery Spencer). I thought this was a little odd, considering this isn’t something Joe would normally do, but I just figured he was being romantic. We got out and walked up to the viewpoint overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and it was beautiful.

I wasn’t sure if we’d even be able to see the bridge because of the recent tragic fires in California, but amazingly we could. We stopped and looked at the bridge together and then Joe took a selfie of us with the bridge in the background. A woman was nearby and Joe asked if she could take a photo of us. The woman offered to take a photo of us on her professional camera and just email it to us. Knowing me, I was all for this idea since I knew the photo would look great on such a nice camera. Little did I know, this woman was the photographer and Joe had planned out this entire idea with her. They had a keyword, which was perfect, and as soon as she said “oh this is perfect,” he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Battery Spencer San Francisco, CA

He told me that he loved me but that is seriously all I can remember him saying because I blacked out from being so excited!! He can’t remember either lol. So, this sweet woman Kelly, that offered the photo, was the photographer and was able to capture the entire thing, which was amazing! Joe really thought of everything. She also was there with us for an hour afterward, to capture many photos of us. Kelly seriously was amazing and the photos turned out perfect, so if you are ever looking for someone in this area, book her!! The ring is absolutely gorgeous and I literally have not stopped looking at it since that day. Joe did such a good job. We then went to an incredible dinner in the city to celebrate, where the restaurant congratulated immensely and made us feel so special. We are still so in shock and overjoyed and we cannot wait to get married! More details to come. Thank you to everyone for your incredible love and support. We love you all!

Special Thanks

Kelly Burns
 | Photographer
Maddie Teixeira
 | Planning