Maddie and Connor

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How We Met

Connor and I grew up in a small town. Although we often crossed paths while growing up, the thought of forming a relationship didn’t cross our minds until our junior year of high school. I was the smart and quiet type, while Connor was more of a charming troublemaker. We were polar opposites, and nobody could have guessed that we would end up together….but opposites attract, right? I took welding my junior year, and was assigned to sit next to Connor. Our friendship grew during class, especially because he helped me complete all of my projects. Later in the year, we ran into each other at a school basketball game. Connor was going around with incredibly spicy hot sauce, and of course dared me to try it. I reluctantly did, and this somehow turned our relationship into something more. We still laugh about how it was hot sauce that brought us together! We began spending more and more time together, and eventually went on our first date. We connected instantly- I had never met somebody who was so sweet, funny, and personable. I knew early on that our relationship would be special. A few months later, he asked me to (officially) be his girlfriend and the rest is history!

how they asked

As we were planning our summer vacation to Maui, Connor hinted that it would be the most memorable vacation we have ever taken. As were coming into the Maui airport, Connor filled out the travel survey saying that we were coming to Hawaii to get married, which was a lie I did not find funny and genuinely thought we might get in trouble for. He dropped more subtle hints like this, but I just didn’t pick up on them. He had planned a nice family welcome dinner at the Grand Wailea to celebrate our first night in Hawaii (or so I thought). He planned ahead and even encouraged me to wear my favorite new dress to dinner, so that I would be photo ready! We had a wonderful dinner, sharing laughs and great food.

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The weather and the sunset were beautiful, it was a perfect setting for a perfect night. After dinner, he had planned on proposing on the beach at sunset, but the sun had already gone down by the time dinner was over. He had to improvise, and picked a nice spot near the beach with decent lighting. We began to take pictures together to commemorate the night, and after several different poses I wondered why he was being so cooperative. All of a sudden, he got down on one knee while pulling a ring box out of his pocket. I was so surprised, I asked, “What are you doing? Are you serious?!” He asked me if I would marry him, and I of course said yes, and immediately asked to put the ring on- I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe what was happening, and I couldn’t believe that we were in such a beautiful place together when it happened.