Maddie and Colton

Image 1 of Maddie and Colton

Over spring break, Colton and I, decided to go on a trip with two of our closest friends to Portland, Oregon. I just assumed he wanted to do something fun for his last college spring break, and I was all for it.

We had plans to go to several different wineries throughout our trip so when we pulled up to King Estates Winery on March 13, it seemed like an ordinary day. In fact, I spent the entire way there on the phone with a friend giving them instructions on how to turn in a project for me online.

Upon arrival we were seated in a private room in front of a beautiful fireplace with an amazing view of the winery (which should have been a hint)… but I was still clueless. Colton claimed he left his wallet in the car and went to go get it.

Image 2 of Maddie and Colton

He was gone for a suspicious amount of time, and I constantly told everyone at the table that I needed to go check on him. But they were aggressive in telling me, NO! After fifteen minutes he came back and said he met one of the owners, and they wanted to give us a tour because we were from Texas. I was reluctant, thinking it wouldn’t be worth it, but he convinced me to go. The owner took us to the tower, and we began walking to the top. When we reached the first landing of the stairs, I finally realized what was happening.

Colton hugged me and told me to read the love letters he had left on each landing of the staircase. I walked up the stairs stopping at each note and taking in the moment. As I neared the top, I could hear “Marry Me” by Train playing. Once I made it to the top I saw Colton standing on a quilt had Buffalo Modern Quilts make for our new home together.

Image 3 of Maddie and Colton

It had our names, the coordinates of the winery, and the date 3/13/17. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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Image 4 of Maddie and Colton

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I could not be more excited for what the Lord has been shaping over the past three years and cannot wait to marry my best friend.

Special Thanks

Shelby Thomas
 | Photographer