Maddie and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I met at a small get together through mutual friends. After I left, he approached our friend Mackenzie to ask about me. The next day she called me and asked what I thought. I’m pretty sure my exact words were “shut up!!” I couldn’t believe that this incredible guy I had heard so much about was interested in me. We went on a date a couple weeks later and it was the BEST. Unfortunately, I was leaving in less than a month to be gone for 8 weeks to be a counselor at a church camp, so we decided to wait and see how the distance worked. I didn’t have access to my phone where I went, so Cody and I wrote letters to each other every week. Throughout those 8 long weeks of writing back and forth, it was very evident to me that Cody was someone I wanted to be with. Our letters tackled a lot of serious topics, but were also so fun and silly. I was able to get to know Cody at his core in a really unique way. We talked about everything, from our faith and key beliefs to crazy shenanigans my campers did. I had butterflies every time I saw a letter from him.

The night I got back, I went to see him. We stayed up until 4 a.m. talking and it was as though I was talking to my best friend, even though we had only seen each other in real life a few times. As cliche as it sounds, Cody is the best man I have ever met and I quickly knew I wanted to marry him. He has a heart of gold. He spends the majority of his time serving others and cares so deeply about his people. He is extremely dedicated to all of his commitments(which is like 100) and works harder than anyone I know. On top of that, he is absolutely hilarious and is constantly making me laugh. Like I said, I quickly knew that Cody would be an amazing husband. It took him a little longer to catch on, but after three years, he finally asked the question.

Image 1 of Maddie and Cody

how they asked

Cody and I have been long distance our entire relationship, and are currently living three hours away from each other. To get me to come into town, he got my best friend, Jaime, who is also getting married(to Cody’s best friend!!) to tell me we were going wedding dress shopping for her. I wanted the day to be special for her, so I made a nail appointment for us and blocked out time for us to do our make up at Sephora. Little did I know, the whole thing was a scheme and I had set up my own nails and makeup. She called me the morning of to tell me that we couldn’t go dress shopping because her sister wasn’t able to get off work. She was somehow able to muster up real tears, so I completely fell for it. I told her we could still have a fun girls day and do all the other things we planned. We had the best day getting pampered and running around town! Cody and I were supposed to go to my parents’ house that night to decorate their Christmas tree, so I was trying to figure out how we were going to meet up with him. He called me and told me he wouldn’t be ready until 7. He said he had to print something off at his parents’ house and it would just be easier to meet there. Once again, I fell for all of the lies. I had no idea what was coming.

Jaime and I got to his parents’ house and as soon as we pulled into the drive way, Jaime takes off running inside. I was so confused, but still didn’t put anything together. Next thing I know, Cody is at my car door and is dressed up. Even then, I didn’t clue in to what was going on. I was a little flustered because we were late for my parents’, so I was telling him that I wanted to run in real quick to say hi, but then we needed to get going. He asked me if he could show me something real quick, and then I FINALLY figured out what was happening.

Image 2 of Maddie and Cody

Cody led me to the gate of the backyard that had a little sign with my new initials painted on it. He opened up the gate, and right before my eyes was the PERFECT setup for our proposal. He had made a path of jars with candles to lead to a tree wrapped in lights with pictures of us hung all around. He also set up three tree stumps and on the middle one was a wooden box I had made him two years before. He had us sit on the tree stumps and showed me that inside the box was a letter he wrote me. He read the letter to me and then stood me up. He then got down on his knee and popped the question. It was the most surreal and incredible moment.

Image 3 of Maddie and Cody

Our best friends had been hiding and taking pictures, so after he asked the question, they joined us for a quick dance party. The entire day was so special. Cody did the best job making it my dream proposal.

Image 4 of Maddie and Cody

After the excitement settled down a little bit, Cody and I headed over to my parents’ to tell them our news and finally decorate the tree. To my surprise, Cody had recruited a few of my good friends to throw the BEST engagement party ever. It was so special having all of our closest friends and family there to celebrate with. Plus they had donuts and coffee, so what’s better than that?!