Maddie and Avi

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How We Met

Avi and I met in high school. When I say that, people usually think we were high school sweethearts. Nope! We actually barely knew each other. Our best friends were dating and going to the homecoming and Sadie’s dance together so we were kind of obligated to go together to double with them. Those are really the only two times we really hung out other than a few other times with big groups. We like to say that we “re-met” after he came back from serving a two-year mission. I was in college, but I was back home for a friend’s wedding one weekend. I went with my dad and sister to Cafe Rio and we ran into Avi!

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He had just gotten back from his mission a month before and was waiting to go up to the same college I was at when the next semester started. He was a little awkward and kept saying “we should definitely hang out!” I’m pretty sure he said it like 5 times! When we left, my dad said to me, “I think you need to hang out with that boy. He’s probably dying of boredom here.” So I invited him to a game night that weekend. He texted me a lot asking me questions about school. When the new semester finally started, we spent a lot of time together. After me giving him a very hard time, we eventually started dating and eventually got engaged!!

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how they asked

So my mom’s a photographer. I’ve always wanted some cute pictures with my boyfriend and some pine trees in the winter. Living in Las Vegas, we don’t get very many opportunities for pictures with big trees, so we decided to do a little photo shoot up in the mountains. A little while into the photo shoot, my mom handed me an ornament. She told me “I want you to take the ornament with one hand and with the other hand, lead Avi over to the tree and hang in up.” So I started walking and leading Avi to the tree.

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I put the ornament on the tree and then I was told to turn around. And there he was. On one knee. I couldn’t believe it. When he asked if I would marry him there was no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t say yes.

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Special Thanks

Jen White
 | Photographer