Maddie and Andrew

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How We Met

I always like to tell people that a Google search can change your life. Because for me, it did! On the cusp of my junior year at Florida State University, I reluctantly searched around for internships for the upcoming fall semester. Little did I know when I found an internship opportunity at Seminole Boosters, I was going to meet the man of my dreams. He was the hot-shot intern that spent the summer learning the ropes from our boss, and I was trying to stay afloat at my first real internship. Spending all of our days together gushing over football talk, and our love of FSU quickly had me thinking “No, Maddie, FOCUS. You cannot have a work crush!” Try as I might, what started as an incredible friendship turned into an undeniable spark.

Most people are content being boyfriend and girlfriend, but I suppose different things were in store for us. By the time Andrew and I graduated in 2015, some how I found myself the Vice President to his President, not once, but twice. Of course our friends loved calling us the #powercouple, but for me it was so much more than that. I got to cheer on Andrew as his girlfriend, as his-coworker, and literally, his right-hand woman. I like to think all of those meetings and guidance I gave as a VP were all great prep for being a good wife one day.

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how they asked

Andrew is truly the most compassionate and romantic man I have ever met. No gesture is simple, and no gift or adventure is small. So of course, his proposal was no different. On the day before Thanksgiving, my parents had planned for the family to go to a Tree Lighting at one of our absolute favorite vacation spots, The Ritz-Carlton at Lake Oconee, Georgia. My parents live in Augusta, so it’s a quick one hour drive to the lake. I certainly remember spending most of the drive complaining how Andrew was stuck in Atlanta working the day before Thanksgiving, and thinking Atlanta traffic may postpone his arrival indefinitely. It wasn’t long before we arrived to the lake. It was the perfect day, the trees were rich in color, and there was just barely a chill in the air. As soon as we arrived, we headed down to the water. Looking out at the lake I thought, I wish Andrew was here. And turning around from a picture with my sister, there he was!! It truly still had not hit me what was about to happen. I was just happy he had surprised me and made the trip over!

As soon as I went over to him, he grabbed my hand and said let’s go for a walk. It was then that I saw the tears in his eyes, a beautiful floating dock extending into the water and a pontoon boat covered in lights and flowers.

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It hit me that the man of my dreams was about to ask me to spend forever with him. We were truly walking on water and with an emphatic “YES!” my family, and to my surprise, his family as well, ran to us in celebration.

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I couldn’t stop thinking it was all a perfect dream! We got aboard the beautiful boat and enjoyed a sunset boat ride with our wonderful families. It was in that moment, seeing all of us together, two families on the verge of becoming one, that I realized I didn’t know love like this existed.

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