Maddie and Alec

Image 1 of Maddie and Alec

How We Met

Alec was her childhood crush. But to him, Maddie was just his friend’s little sister. Fast forward about 10 years. Alec is living in Sanford, Florida where his dad got a new job. He posts on Facebook about his family vacation to Washington D.C., where Maddie and her family would be the following week. Maddie musters up enough courage to text him and tell him how excited she is about the trip. And the rest, as they say, is history. Starting a relationship is tricky, but starting a relationship 1,000 plus miles apart might as well be impossible. I never expected Alec to text me every day following that first text; I didn’t even really expect a reply. But I’m sure glad I went for it. Alec moved closer after a few months of dating. They called us crazy, but it worked out. 4 1/2 years later, we’ve both been through (almost) 4 years of college, lots of adventures, and an amazing love story to tell. I cannot imagine my life without Alec in it. I guess the crush never ever faded, and if you were to tell me I was going to marry Alec Krekel, my 8 year-old self would squeal. I am so excited to marry my best friend. 16 year-old me would be so proud that I found the man of my dreams by going for something I knew would be worth it and never looking back. He makes me so happy every day and always finds a way to remind me how blessed I am to have him in my life.

how they asked

Alec and I are huge Iowa Hawkeye fans. Throughout our relationship, we have made some great memories tailgating before games and cheering on our favorite college football team together in the blistering humid heat, the chilling rain, or even the freezing cold snow and sleet. Whether we’re watching Hawkeyes together at Kinnick stadium or from our television at home, we’re always cheering. Alec surprised me with 2 tickets to Iowa’s season opening game on September 3, 2017. We both left our college town with our roommates (I didn’t even think about why more people than just us 2 were headed to Iowa City so early in the morning). After a relaxing morning of eating food and playing games at the tailgate (almost 6 hours!), we headed to the gate for the game. Little did I know that some of our closest friends and family were surrounding the Nile Kinnick statue at the entrance of the stadium. Alec and I took a picture together, and not even a second later, I looked over to find him on one knee.

Image 2 of Maddie and Alec

I could not have been more shocked at what was going on. After a “yes” and a kiss, all those lined up at the gate cheered and we went into the game to cheer on the Hawkeyes as a newly engaged couple. I couldn’t think of a more perfect day!

Image 3 of Maddie and Alec