Maddi and Trent

How We Met

We met through church and mutual friends! Old school!

how they asked

So, all last summer, Trent had been hinting that he wanted to go on this beautiful hike near his house. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, because we liked to hike, and it seemed like a normal enough thing. When the hike was finally set into motion, it was a beautiful, albeit a bit chilly, October day. Unfortunately, I had been really sick with a cold the weekend he initially planned it. He postponed it until the next weekend, thinking it would be totally fine. However, I have asthma, so after a cold, I’m often pretty congested in my chest and partially unable to breathe. I warned him the day before we were set to hike that I didn’t want to go, I didn’t think my lungs could handle it. He was insistent. Now, you have to understand: I am the planner. For the most part, if we are going to do something, I will get the idea and plan it. I love planning, so this was pretty standard practice in our three-year-old relationship. But this time, Trent was so adamant and out of character, I figured something was up.

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Not ideal, I know, as proposals are generally a surprise, but what can I say, I watch too many true crime and detective shows. So, on the hike, we went. He failed to mention that this hike was about a mile. Uphill. With rocks to pull me over. So, naturally, we get 75 yards from the road and I am wheezing like a chain smoker with pneumonia. I think I asked to go back to the car at LEAST 15 or 16 times. He was insistent. At this point, I was threatening him in my head, “if there is not a ring for me at the end of this, BOY, you don’t know what’s coming to you”. Of course, I was buzzing with excitement, and nausea, but mostly excitement. When we got to the top, the view WAS beautiful, but I felt like my lungs were collapsing. I plopped down on the first bench available, still wheezing, and red as a ripe tomato in June.

He kneels to get his water bottle out of his backpack and pulls out the ring box. At this point, I am far too out of breath to be emotional. He stares at me for about, 20 seconds, ring box open, me wheezing, (which feels like an entire decade) and then says “oh, I guess I need to say something,” and delves into his pre-planned(ish) speech. I, of course, said yes.

His brother, a photographer, was hiding in the woods snagging pictures, but since I was so tired and sat down so quickly, we were at the wrong bench. He wasn’t in the right position. We ended up having to re-enact the proposal, and the pictures attached are from the re-enactment, but I would still always say yes. Even after climbing up a mile-long rocky hill with bronchitis.

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