Maddi and Garrett


How We Met

Garrett and I met through Instagram… okay, well maybe I stalked him on Instagram. It all happened when one of my best friends (Bridesmaid) who had class with Garrett, said hello to him in the gym at our university. Later she told me that, “he is the nicest guy, and someone in our friend group should really date him”, and I jokingly responded with, “I volunteer”. As we were heading home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the cute guy in the gym, so I did as most girls do – followed him on Instagram. To my surprise he followed me back and “accidentally” (as G likes to say) liked one of my photos from 19 weeks prior.

I went and like one of his photos, he liked one of mine, and so on it went. A few days later my best friend (Maid of Honor) suggested I message him. I typed up a simple text, but last minute I was too afraid to send it. However, that didn’t stop her from hitting send for me. I mean, what are best friends for right? Garrett responded and we went on to chat for hours, which then turned into text messages, and then to phone calls. A week later, Garrett came and picked me up for our first date, and little did I know, this was the man I was going to fall in love with.





how they asked

We were on vacation in Oceanside, CA with his family and mine. Before the trip, Garrett mentioned to me that he wanted to walk along the beach to the pier and get milkshakes. When the morning came, he looked over at the rock pathway leading to the ocean and said, “Tonight, before we get milkshakes I want to get a picture of you on the rocks. It will look gorgeous with your long dress flowing in the wind”. I didn’t even question it. So later that evening, we got ready and set out for the sand to capture the picture. When we were half way out, Garrett turned to a gentleman on one of the rocks and politely asked him if he could move so he could take a photo of me on that rock. I will admit I was embarrassed, why did it have to be THAT rock? Before I knew it, Garrett was down on one knee saying how much he loved me, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.


I couldn’t believe it, it was perfect, and way better than any milkshake!