Madalyn and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met my freshman year and his junior year of high school in our Algebra II class. At first, we were just friends but I eventually started to have a crush on him and asked our mutual friends to go on a “double date” with us. We went mini golfing and had a lot of fun together but nothing came out of that.

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It wasn’t until the following year that we officially started dating. On my 16th birthday I had a big party and at the end of the night, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then we have had a long distance relationship after I went to college and now medical school. We have experienced a lot together and I feel as though we have grown up together.

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how they asked

This past summer we went ring shopping together because I had no idea what kind of ring I wanted so I knew that a proposal was coming soon. It wasn’t until December that Ryan told me he was going to the jeweler to design my ring. I am very hard to surprise because I need to know everything so I really thought I would know when he was going to do it. Christmas is a very big deal in my family and it is my favorite time of year. My family has a lot of traditions one of them being a game we have played since my siblings and I were little.

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We each start out with a present and someone reads “The Night Before Christmas” and every time the word “the” is said we pass our presents to the right and at the end of the story you get whatever present you are left with. After we were done reading that night Ryan turned to me and asked me what I got and if I wanted to trade. I looked to see what he got and he had my ring open and I did not know what to say or how to react. I was extremely shocked!

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The ring was beautiful and he somehow managed to catch me totally off guard. My entire family was in on it and somehow everyone was able to keep it a secret. It was such a special night for us because we have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time and we cannot wait to start this next chapter of our lives together.

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