Madalyn and Anthony

How We Met

We are a success story. At the time we met in January, Anthony and I were both working in Manhattan, but on two completely different schedules. I was commuting 4 hours a day and he was working extremely late hours. By the time he was leaving work, I was already fast asleep , just waiting for my alarm to go off for another day of work at 4 AM. Since, it was so hard to keep up with each other things somewhat fizzled out. Until May, when I received a text from him, checking in to see how I was doing. After a few back and fourths we eventually went on our first date and from there the rest is history.

how they asked

It was the night before our vacation to Hawaii and my dad came up to Hoboken for his typical pre-vacation dinner. After dinner on our walk home, my sister’s boyfriend and Anthony decided that they wanted to go to ShopRite for some new beer that they have been wanting to try. As they walked away, my dad told them to meet us back in the apartment, so we can go up to the roof and look at the city before he leftt. Once my dad and I got to the apartment, he took a look at his phone, walked around for a few minutes and then all of the sudden couldn’t wait for the guys, grabbed his suit jacket and instructed that we head to the roof. Even though I was confused, I just went with it thinking that he must really have an urge to see the skyline. Once we exited the apartment, my dad made a quick right up the stairs leading to the roof. Once we got up there and started walking to the main area of the rooftop, I noticed a bunch of mason jars with candles leading the way to a nicely decorated scene. I turned to my dad and was like “uh dad, something is going on, it looks like someone is getting proposed to, maybe we should go back down.” He pushed me forward and said “don’t worry about it Maddie, we will just cut through and go back down the elevator.” Hesitant, I continued to walk forward, I turned to question my dad again, but he was gone. I carefully thought out both of my options, either walk straight through or run back down the stairs. Right when I was about to turn and head back downstairs, I noticed someone wave me down towards the main part of the roof. I thought to myself, okay they just want me to cut through, so I went. As I approached the main part of our roof top, Anthony popped out and I instantly started crying with overwhelming enjoyment. He kept asking me if I was okay, because I must of looked like I was going to faint.

Madalyn's Proposal in On our Apartment Rooftop in Hoboken, NJ

After he proposed, he surprised me with my sister who came all the way up from D.C. just for the night and my Aunt who is my mom’s sister and in a way like a mother to me, as well as Anthony’s family. My mom passed away from Breast Cancer when I was 11 years old, and throughout the whole day and even during the proposal I was wearing her pearl ring, which to me felt like she was right by my side, smiling over Anthony and I.

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