Madalyn and Andrew

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How We Met

Madalyn and I first met in October of 2016. To make a somewhat long story short, my mom called Maddy’s aunt and was asking for her prayer and support on my behalf, as I was going through some rough times in life, including having trouble finding someone who shared similar values, etc. Maddy’s aunt said she had thought for some time that Maddy and I should meet, and (we believe not so coincidentally) my mom had been thinking the same thing! They talked to Maddy’s mom who had (again, not so coincidentally) also been thinking the same thing, but hadn’t really shared it with anyone. My mom told me this story and asked if she could give me her number. I was in such a negative funk, I said no! Maddy was also cautious, as she attends college in Michigan, and I was living in Tennessee at the time. Nevertheless, we both gave in, and within a month of talking, we were dating. The rest, as they say, is history.

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how they asked

To make a SUPER long story short, Maddy and I love Colorado. Before we ever began dating, I told her I’d love to take her to visit my grandparents at their cabin right next to the Rockies. It kind of freaked her out, and I guess I don’t blame her. Some guy she just met already planning a vacation for her? But honestly, I was just really excited to show her some new places she had never seen, and since we both loved hiking, why not? Fast forward several months, and my dad and I are talking on the phone about getting engaged. He mentions Colorado, and I remember Maddy and I talking months before. Perfect. So I started saving up and planning, all while telling her I won’t be able to afford a ring for quite some time.We went on the trip and after spending a day at the cabin, we hiked to a beautiful lake surrounded by 14,000ft peaks. I had been documenting our trip from the first plane ride, so she didn’t expect anything when I set up the camera after having lunch by the water. We cheered, “We made it! Woohoo! We made it to the top!” and as we were cheering, I knelt and asked her to marry me. One of the greatest moments of my life was when she tearfully said yes.

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