Macy and Russell

Macy and Russell's Engagement in Sun Valley, Idaho

How We Met

March 2014: My best friend Lindsey and I started spending our spring breaks together back in 2011. Our freshman year of college we decided to go to Destin together and meet some of our friends down there. We had a pretty low key beginning of the week, watching High School Musical and going to bed by midnight. Then came March 27. Lindsey and I got cabin fever and decided to meet a friend at the bar she was going to that night: Village Door in Sandestin. I had no idea that my whole world would change that night.

While at the Village Door, I ran into my friend Eric, who was there with a group of his fraternity brothers. After a few hours of socializing and dancing, it was time to go. Eric asked if Lindsey and me if we could help him and his friends find a ride home and we happily assisted. We were dropping them off when Eric asked if we wanted to come inside and hang out for a bit. We walked in the door and sat down at their rental houses dining room table when I realized my phone was about to die. I asked for a phone charger and a guy across the room offered me his. The guy’s name was Russell Craddock.

We met up again the next night and then again when spring break was over and we were back our school, The University of Alabama. We dated through the rest of college, did long distance for a little bit. And now we live in Birmingham, Alabama with our dog Moose!

How They Asked

For the last three years, Russell and I (along with some of our best friends) have flown out to Sun Valley, Idaho for some amazing spring skiing. I have two sisters that live out there and skiing is really just an added bonus to seeing them. Sun Valley has a really special place in my heart because my father, who passed away shortly after I met Russell, loved the town and the skiing there, and we had been on family trips there several times.

In March, we arrived on a Tuesday, got settled in and spent Wednesday doing one of our favorite things together: Skiing. One of the friends we were out there with told Russell and I that he and his wife wanted to take us to dinner as a thank you for inviting them on the trip. He said he already made reservations and wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so we needed to be ready for dinner by 6 p.m. We all got in the car together and headed over to the Lodge at Sun Valley, a beautiful hotel in town. Upon our arrival, some of our friends wanted to take pictures in front of the hotel. Russell and I went last. We took a few pictures and I decided I need to take my sunglasses off. While I was untangling my hair from my glasses, Russell got down on one knee. I was in total shock!

Where to Propose in Sun Valley, Idaho

After I said yes, he said: “there is one more surprise.” I looked past him and saw my mom walking up to us. He had flown her out from Florida and kept it a major secret from me. It is so special to me that he brought my mom out for this momentous moment, and made sure it was in a place where I would feel my father’s presence in a place that he loved.

Russell hired a photographer who was there to capture the moment and after taking us to a couple of spots to get more photos. When that was done, we headed to our favorite Sun Valley restaurant!

Special Thanks

Jessica Jean
 | Photographer