Macy and Justin

Macy's Proposal in Utah Valley Mountains

How We Met

We are from Missouri and met in high school my junior year and his senior year. We instantly knew that this was something different. We dated throughout high school and it was amazing. At the end of his senior year he left on a 2 year mission to Ecuador. Those two years were so hard but the reunion made it more than worth it. He got back in July and it was like he had never left!! Now we both live in Provo together and couldn’t be happier.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Utah Valley Mountains

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Utah Valley Mountains

how they asked

His brother and sister in law picked me up from my apartment to “go get ice cream” and drove me up to the mountain. When we got out they told me to close my eyes and after walking a while they told me to open. When I opened my eyes I saw Justin standing with rose petals everywhere on the edge of the mountain with a beautiful sunset in the background. Then he popped the question and the rest is history.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Utah Valley Mountains

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