Macy and Evan

How We Met

Evan and I both grew up in Nebraska but it’s almost a miracle how we met. After my first year in college, I wanted a change. I needed to see the world so I packed up and moved to San Diego where I attended Point Loma Nazarene University. When it came time for graduation I had made the decision to stay in San Diego. I had a job lined up and even though I would miss my family, San Diego had my heart. What I wasn’t expecting was news that my grandmother was declining in health and that got me thinking that I needed to spend as much time as I could with family. So, I moved back to Nebraska where I wasn’t planning to stay forever.

I do not enjoy drinking and partying so in order to meet someone I joined a few dating apps and came across Evan.

Evan was from Lincoln, Nebraska but was in medical school in Des Moines, IA. The only reason he showed up on my app is that he was home from school, the timing had to have been perfect for that to have worked.

After I blew Evan off for our first date and began seeing someone else, Christmas time came around and he was back for the holiday. (I had ended the relationship with the other guy a while before) so I reached out to Evan. He said he was only home for a few weeks but would like to take me out.

Now, I was not big on eating in front of people and Evan and I both had a passion for working out so I suggested a gym date. Yes, our first date was a workout!

What is surprising about this whole situation is that our families were intertwined this whole time. When Evan told his parents he was going on a date they, of course, asked who with. He told them my name and they both looked at him and that’s when things got fun. I received a text from Evan asking if I knew “Kathy Lenertz” and I replied “Mrs. Lenertz?!”. Turns out Evan was the son of my elementary music school teacher whom I loved and adored!

Long story short, the second date was dinner followed by a catch-up visit with his parents. :)

How They Asked

My parents are very prevalent in the community of Crete. They try to do anything and everything they can to help the community so when a building on Main Street was for sale, they decided to purchase it and turn it into a coffee shop/restaurant called, “The Brew House”.

When Evan was back from medical school we would often times have dinner with my family and even both of our families at the Brew House. It became more or less our “thing” to do with the family on a Friday or Saturday night.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Brew House in Crete, NE

Evan, having grown up with a music teacher, of course, has AMAZING pipes. I mean, the man can sing! But he is extremely humble and doesn’t like to sing in front of others if he can help it. But my parents’ Brewhouse had a stage and I so badly wanted my family to hear how good he was. So, after months of begging, he agreed to play three songs with his mother and father for a small audience.

Evan wore a red plaid shirt and jeans with a fresh haircut and sat in front of our friends and family and sang three beautiful songs. When it was over everyone was clapping but it didn’t seem as though Evan was finished. He approached the microphone and nervously started to thank my parents for the opportunity to play there and then he thanked them for raising me. Apparently he had a whole speech prepared but at this point, he was choked up and couldn’t get anything else out other than “I have something I want to ask her tonight.”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Brew House in Crete, NE

He walked off the stage to me in the crowd, pulled a solitaire ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I think .02 seconds had lapsed when he finished asking that I said YES! He got up and kissed me and everyone began cheering. My dad brought out 10 of the largest champagne bottles I’ve seen and we did a group cheers and spent the night celebrating.

Where to Propose in The Brew House in Crete, NE

It was perfect.

Special Thanks

Staci Gibbs
 | Photographer