Macy and Brandon

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How We Met

Macy – “Our paths first crossed on TCU’s campus in Fort Worth, Texas. Brandon is from a small town north of Dallas and I am from Orange County, California. We both ended up at TCU on athletic scholarships, Brandon playing baseball, and me – volleyball. I went on a retreat with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) along with hundreds of other student athletes from all over the state of Texas. When I returned, I was supposed to find an athlete that had never been to FCA and invite them to our weekly gathering.”

Brandon – “Macy and I had met once or twice before, but when she invited me to FCA, I knew it was my first chance to really get to know her. I was so excited to spend time with her and when we arrived at the meeting, I learned the topic for the night: Relationships! As if that wasn’t bad enough, they had us sit guys on one side, girls on the other…facing each other!”

Macy – “I was so embarrassed to find out the meeting I had invited Brandon to was all about relationships. He was so sweet and didn’t draw attention to the fact that it looked like I was sending major signals. After the meeting, he walked me back to my dorm room and asked if he would see me again tomorrow. I said yes and the rest is history!”

how they asked

Brandon and I have been dreaming of traveling together for a while. I had just finished graduate school and Brandon had just finished a corporate training program so we thought it would be the perfect time for a vacation. We narrowed our search down to Europe and I let Brandon choose which country. To my surprise, he chose Switzerland.

Before I continue, I should give you some backstory…

My family is from Switzerland and it is hands-down my favorite place in the world. My family has an alp in Switzerland that has been passed down for many generations. There is a chapel on the alp with our family crest and the most perfect view of Lake Lucerne. My grandfather passed away last year, making the alp that much more meaningful to me. I knew that Brandon would want to visit one day, but I didn’t know that day was now. We booked our flights and planned to stay with some family friends in Lucerne. We arrived, severely jet lagged, unpacked, and went to sleep.

The Day of the Proposal

When we woke up, we decided to make the journey to my family’s alp. I thought it would be fun to stop at a local bakery to pick up some food for a picnic to bring up the alp (which set us back on the scheduleI didn’t know existed!). Brandon hurried me along and we began driving up the narrow, winding road. When we finally reached the top, I was ready to eat! Brandon and I wandered aimlessly, looking for the perfect spot to set up our picnic (or so I thought!).

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Brandon started acting a little strange, insisting he take pictures of me in all different spots on the mountain. I still didn’t think much of it when he said, “Turn around and look at the view. I want to get a picture of you looking out over the lake!” I did, and when I turned back around, I saw the greatest sight I had ever seen – Brandon down on one knee! Amongst the sweetest words I’ve ever heard, a “Macy Nicole Capen, will you marry me?” came out and I barely stopped crying long enough to say yes!

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We are so blessed to share our lives with one another and we are so excited for our wedding next summer!

Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
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