Macki and Dillon

how we met

SO. I went to Emporia State University my first semester of college on a volleyball and track scholarship even though the University of Central Missouri was my dream college. After a short semester, I decided to transfer to UCM to continue my volleyball career. On my first day of class, my sister was showing me where all of my classes were (she’s the assistant volleyball coach). As we’re walking around the campus, I see this super tall guy with socks tucked into his sweats. “Oh my gosh, Cait, who’s that?” She replied, “I don’t know, I think he’s on the basketball team.” Fast forward to Tuesday, we had a class together! About a week later, we followed each other on Instagram, he commented on a couple photos of mine, gave me his number AND THE REST IS HISTORY.

how they asked

EEEEEK!!!!!!!!! So Dillon (my fiancé) and my sister got inducted to the University of Central Missouri Sports Hall of Fame on Feb. 23. It just so happened that our 5 year anniversary was on Feb. 23 as well! The HOF ceremony was at 9:30 in the morning and then we all went to Fitter’s Bar (our FAV place in Warrensburg) and brought like 50 of our best friends! We rented out the upstairs and had a big ol party for lunch! About 20 minutes into the party, my dad rounded everyone up and said grace. After, we continued our party! I went up to the bar to order a beer and Dillon came up to me and was like “Hey, I gotta tell you something,” grabbed my hand and started walking me away from the party to this corner where no one was. To be honest, I heard something about “5 years” and “I love you” and then I blacked out. I noticed there was iPad set up, recording us. I looked back and EVERYONE was watching, videoing, and I just blurted, “ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Haha. I have NO idea what else he said and quite frankly if it weren’t for the video, I wouldn’t even have known if I said yes or not! I was SHOCKED. I thought 2019 would be the year but I was thinking more like October or something for some reason. I definitely didn’t think it would be that weekend because it was my sister and his weekend, getting inducted to the HOF. My sister is the most selfless person I’ve ever met so this didn’t surprise me after I thought about it more. It was perfect. My WHOLE fam was there (which was a must), his family was there, our best friends were there and it was our 5 year anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Special Thanks

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