Mackenzie and Halbert's Proposal in San Francisco

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Our paths crossed three times before it finally happened one Sunday afternoon on my eighth day after moving to San Francisco.

To help welcome Halbert to his new company (he was switching jobs), a friend of his, fellow church peer, and soon-to-be coworker made sure to introduce him this new girl at church who was a transfer consultant from their company’s Seattle headquarters. Same company, same church…surely they must meet. I don’t remember much of our initial conversation…Halbert will say that’s a good thing, since he told a bad joke anyway.

After several more weeks and several more encounters, we found ourselves caught in conversations, laughs, record player dances, and candlelit meals. He walked me home everyday from work (he said it was on the way…it was not), and I constantly blushed when he entered the room. Right under our noses, it happened – we fell in love. Ever since, we’ve been obnoxiously happy.

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The proposal took a lot of planning, secrets, and people. A girlfriend of mine asked me to brunch weeks in advance at a great spot in North Beach, near the famous Coit Tower. Halbert was having a ‘guys night’ the day before and would be too tired to come along, so we planned to go just her and I. I live in the area, so she came over to my place early for a little morning tea and to relax before stuffing our faces.

While we were sipping and chatting, our other girlfriend sent us a text. She was at Coit Tower on a morning date and would we join her to say hi? After all, we were just blocks away. Despite living so close, I had never been to the tower so this would be a treat for me too!

So we hiked up the steep steps to the base of the tower, zig-zagging around tourists who were eager to see the 360 degree view of SF on this perfectly clear Saturday morning. We looked around for our friend, but instead I spotted Halbert at the base of the tower, dressed up and holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers (which I later found out he put together at his “guys night”).

He led me past the long line straight to the tower elevator and up we went! For the final surprise, we sneaked out the elevator and through an inconspicuous service door, in the opposite direction of all the people. On the other side, I got the final shock. He had taken me to a private balcony of the tower with the most beautiful views of the city. Candles, music and more flowers were already waiting for us as he got down on one knee. Of course I said yes!

To top it off, our closest friends were waiting around the other side of the tower to surprise me with their congratulations!

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