Mackenzie and Rory


How We Met

We were at a high school party at a mutual friends house the summer going into my junior year and her senior year (it was August 19, 2012).  We met pretty early in the night and I was immediately floored by her.  She was the absolute most gorgeous girl I had ever laid my eyes on.  Now I had just gotten out of an on-and-off relationship of 2 years about 2 months prior to this party, so I was still getting the hang of talking to girls again, but luckily she seemed to be pretty interested in me as well and helped to keep our conversation going throughout the night.  We hung out all night, from 5 until when I left at around midnight (she was staying at the girl’s house).

I didn’t want it to end there, and I don’t think she did either, because she asked me to text her when I got home safe to which I replied “I would love to, but I don’t have your number.”  She immediately put her number in my phone and you can bet your life I texted her as soon as I pulled in my driveway.  I thought about how amazing my night was with her from the time I got in my car to go home, until I finally fell asleep that night.  It was definitely love at first sight for me.  We continued to talk for a couple of weeks until finally on September 4, 2012 I got the courage to finally ask her to make our relationship official, and here we are 4 years and 3 months later engaged.

how they asked

We had been talking about our future a lot in the past year.  Mackenzie said she wanted to be engaged before she left college because her sorority does a candle passing for women who get engaged (which I guess is a pretty big deal).  We had a vacation planned out for my birthday in December to Vegas and I thought it might be good to do it there.  However as I started to research more into it, I found that all the ways I would have wanted to do it in Vegas were way, and I mean way, too expensive. So back to the drawing board I went.  I recruited the help of a few of her best friends/roommates to come up with a plan to propose. We landed on the idea of doing a photoshoot and surprising her during it. One of her friends put me in touch with a girl who graduated last spring (2016) that was in Mackenzie’s sorority.

I asked Alida (the photographer) to get in touch with Mackenzie and ask her if she’d be interested in doing a couples photoshoot for her portfolio. I knew that Kenz would say yes because she absolutely loves to take cute pictures together and this would be right up her alley.  Now I had originally hoped to do it on our 4 year anniversary in September, however Mackenzie’s schedule has been pretty hectic this semester and it got pushed back over a month. So finally, after almost two months of waiting, keeping it all a secret, and hiding the ring from her the day finally came to ask my best friend to be my wife.  We met Alida at a park in downtown Des Moines and walked around the city taking random photos at different locations.  Finally, Alida said I have an idea for a really cute picture.

She told Kenz we were going to go to the top of this parking garage that has a good view of the city’s skyline and do a sequence shot with her throwing rose petals and spinning around to me standing behind her (you can see where this is going).  Mackenzie had no idea, she was not expecting this so she did not put 2 and 2 together. So after a couple practice rounds of her throwing the petals to get the right angle, the photographer gave Mackenzie a handful of rose petals and positioned her with her back to me, and acted like she was putting me in position and slipped me the ring.


I got down on one knee and when she spun around I finally got to do what I had been waiting 4 years to do.  Thankfully she said yes:)



Special Thanks

Alida Fowler
Alida Mae Photography