Mackenzie and Ray

Image 1 of Mackenzie and Ray

How We Met: Ray and I met when we were 9 years old, in the 4th grade. We immediately became best friends and stayed very close through our childhood and adolescent years. Ray has always been in love with me, and it took me a long time to realize my love for him which was in more than a “friend” way. Once I learned how my heart felt, I knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

how they asked: After 11 years of friendship and too many nerves to try for something more, we crossed the threshold and fell into sync. We became so immensely happy that we didn’t ruin our friendship, but instead came into the true love that God blessed us with. A month later, we went to Harry Ritchie’s jewelry store and picked out the engagement ring. At the time, it was just for fun, but Ray went back and purchased our first choice and held it in his pocket for a few more weeks. We took a road trip to Boise, ID to have a photo shoot and tattoo each other’s initials on our ring finger. After our tattoos, we met with the photographer, which was one of my close friends, up ato Table rock which is a location high above the city, looking over the beautiful southern Idaho land. Shortly after starting our photo session, Ray surprised me with my favorite ring… he didn’t have to get down on one knee, he didn’t have to tell me a big, long story of why he loved me… I knew all that already because he never lets me forget. I, of course, said “yes!”. He put the beautiful ring encased with darling micro pave diamonds and softly placed it on my ring finger. We continued the photo shoot as an engaged couple.

Image 2 of Mackenzie and Ray