Mackenzie and Mitchell

How We Met: Mitchell and I met back in the beginning of 2014, thanks to his brother and my roommate, who recently got married. We shared a few laughs at a Superbowl party that night, and went along our own ways. I thought at the time the he was quite handsome, and his hipster attire had won my heart. I laughed it off, and considered him far out of my league.

Little did I know, that this night would lead to a long series of Skype dates and two real dates, before we began dating that March. At the time we lived two hours apart, but over the next year and a half I would move from Raleigh, to Washington, D.C., to Milan, Italy, and finally to Wilmington. We would travel by plane, train, and car 27,342 miles over those next sixteen months to be with each other. Now, for the first time in our lives we, as future Mr. and Mrs. Watson, are living in the same city to be married.

how they asked: To say the least, I was surprised. Mitchell had convinced me that this moment I had been dreaming of was years away. He had just been accepting into nursing school, and we had both moved to my hometown, Wilmington, NC. To “celebrate these recent accomplishments”, we went, dressed to the nines, to my favorite local fondue bar, The Little Dipper.

Anything in historic downtown Wilmington wins my heart. As we enjoyed our dinner, or at least tried, Mitchell kept having to leave, due to the fact that he really wasn’t feeling well. I, however, prolonged our dinner with a delicious dessert course. Following dinner he insisted going on a little walk along the riverfront to help him feel better.

I was entirely clueless. I sincerely thought he was sick. As we walked along the river, he stopped me in front of a beautiful fountain as we watched the sunset. He leaned me for a tight hug, and before my mind could process he began a speech I’d looked forward to hearing since I could remember. I think I screamed yes before he even had the question out.

Image 1 of Mackenzie and Mitchell

We’re getting married, I whispered as I kissed him. I’m going to be a Watson!