MacKenzie and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt & I met in High school. He was a senior when I was just a freshmen. I can remember watching him play basketball and just being mesmerised by him. Then after he graduated from high school and I was just going into my sophomore more year of high school, I was working as a life gourd at our city pool. He was working across the road at a plant. Then one day he started to stop at talk to me while I was guarding the pool. Our very first date was him taking me to the movies. In our small town there’s not ma you options! From there it’s been history ever since!

how they asked

For Matt & I’s 10 year anniversary we booked a camping trip to the Maquoketa Caves State Park, in Maquoketa Iowa! It was absolutely beautiful! As we were walking threw this cave for the last time that day, I was walking ahead of him and he stops and says “Hey, come look at this, What is this?” Being preoccupied with taking photos of the cave I waited a minute before I went over to him. Finally he said come over here enough that I went and stood to the side of him, Not even paying attention to the fact that he was down on his knee. When I got to him he turned my way, Opened the ring box and asked me of I would marry me! Of course I was totally speech less! And completely surprised because I wasn’t expecting that at all! I said YES!!

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