Mackenzie and Matt

how we met

The short story is that we met through a mutual friend at Michigan State University. Initially, Mackenzie was getting ready to graduate and had no interest in going on a date with Matt, but after (unwarranted) confidence, he managed to convince her to go on a date. We went to Cosmo’s pizza in Lansing and got along so well we closed the restaurant down. The rest is history!

how they asked

The short version is that I surprised her up at her Cottage on Heart Lake in Waters, MI. She thought we were going to dinner with some of her friends but while we were “getting ready” some of our friends and family were coming up to surprise her. I “forgot my wallet” halfway to dinner and we turned around to go get it. Once we got home, I ran down the water at the end of their property and popped the question. All tears, lots of cheers. Best. Day. Ever.

Special Thanks

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