Mackenzie and Joseph

How We Met

Joseph and I actually met at the first wedding I ever attended – and as we danced that night, I knew we’d be dancing together at our own wedding someday. I know every couple says this, but it’s true: with Joe, it was love at first sight. I’ll never forget watching him from across the crowded room and feeling like I knew him. We were introduced that night because we have the same birthday, January 6th. Within a few months we were madly in love, so much so, that we moved cross country together away from our friends and family. We set out to start a life together – now we are declaring this life together forever.

how they asked

Joe has always been the man of my dreams, but quite literally so for a few months. I kept having this reoccurring dream that we were engaged. Beautiful, detailed dreams where I would wake up a little disappointed that we weren’t actually getting married…I told Joe how real it felt and how happy I knew I would be if he ever asked. The next morning, I woke up and looked down at my hand. There, on my finger, was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He had slipped it on while I was sleeping. I looked over at him, smiling, looking at me. He told me he wanted to make all my dreams come true for the rest of my life.

Special Thanks

Alix Rae Seracki