Mackenzie and Grant

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How We Met

Grant and I met my freshman year (his sophomore year) at Appalachian State University at, none other than, band camp. During breakfast, the people I was sitting with had left and the people he was sitting with left. He came over and sat next to me, introducing himself. After about a month, we became best friends, eating every meal and spending most free time together. On September 5, 2014, he asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history!

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how they asked

Fast forward a little over three years later. Grant and I had planned on going Christmas tree shopping at a local farm so we could have our tree up for Friendsgiving the weekend after. Our friends, Ryan and Adam, were coming up to help pick out a tree and take it back. Another point to mention is that my car had been breaking down the week before and was scheduled to go back into the shop the morning of to get looked at yet again. Grant was supposed to pick me up from the shop that morning but instead Ryan and Adam offered to pick me up. I thought nothing of it! But, when we returned to the apartment, Grant and his roommate were gone. I called them and they just said they were out grabbing everyone breakfast. About an hour later I got another call; they were at the tree farm already and just wanted to make sure they had good trees before everyone got there. Now, even though I was pretty angry for them not telling me before, I believed him because of a post the farm made earlier in the week informing us of their limited selection. Adam, Ryan, and I hopped in the car and headed to the tree farm. When we got there, Grant said he thought he found a great tree and wanted me to look at it. So, I followed him up the mountain side to the see it. When we got closer, I lost him in all the trees. He yelled at me to come over here. I followed his voice to find a beautiful decorated tree with “marry me?” on it. I immediately thought, “wow someone is getting engaged,” and that it was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. Grant came out from behind the tree holding a small black box and got down on one knee. I squealed yes and we cut down that tree and brought it home.

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