Mackenzie and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I met in August of 2014, right before our Junior year of college. I was starting my first year at The University of North Texas because I was transferring schools. I came to the school only knowing one or two people and was not going to join a sorority because I felt as if I was already too old! Turns out, Daniel was the social chair of his fraternity so I got to meet many friends through him! He was not interested in dating at all but I was so determined because there was something about him that I could not get over! We talked all fall semester and finally on New Years eve, (at midnight exactly) he asked me to be his girlfriend! It could not have been more perfect! We have been together since January 1st 2015 so it has been a little over 2 years now. Daniel is a pilot and working towards his ratings to fly for American Airlines one day. He frequently takes me out on his plane and even tries to teach me how to fly! It is always so much fun! We also love to go to Dallas Stars hockey games, out on the boat, and to various fun events. I don’t think we could ever get bored of each other, he is absolutely my best friend.

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how they asked

Daniel planned a cruise for the second week of May to Mexico. We had only been on one cruise before, so we were super excited! Our first stop was Cozumel, and we decided to go to Mr. Sanchos beach resort. It was an all inclusive beach with food, drinks, and so many fun activities. Daniel booked a horse back riding tour through the forest and at the end of the tour it opened out to the beautiful blue waters on the edge of the island. It was incredible.

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Our tour guide let us gallop all the way to the end of the beach, which words cannot even describe! It was like something you would see in a movie. At the end he asked if we wanted to take pictures so we took several and suddenly, Daniel got off of his horse and asked for a few more pictures, then I turned to my right and he was down on one knee!!! I was so in shock I had no words. He was smiling like I had never seen before and I was shaking like crazy! The ring was absolutely PERFECT. It was shining in the Mexico sun and I could not have asked for a better proposal. It was literally a dream come true.

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