Mackenzie and Connor

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How We Met

Let me tell y’all being engaged is ALL it’s cracked up to be. It’s so wonderful, & even more wonderful when the proposal was as perfect as mine was. So I’ll give y’all a little back ground of myself & Connor, my now fiancé! We were kinda friends before hand not real close, tbh he actually kinda annoyed me but he was determined to get to know me which looking back is extremely cute, I just wasn’t caring to date at the time, but we started hanging out a bit & it was fun & I started to like him so when he asked me to be his girlfriend (I actually didn’t hear him ask me which he never lets me forget haha) I decided why not, & boy am I glad I decided that! We’ve been together for 3 years & 8 almost 9 months, since a couple months after we started dating we began being in a 3 hour distance relationship. I think off the bat we both knew we were going to be together forever, he always jokingly would ask when we were just in bed watching movies or just hanging out if I would marry him but us being so young & me knowing he was joking I always said “when you have a ring in front of me, of course!”, it was an ongoing joke for awhile between us.

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how they asked

My dad passed away in 2007 & it took a massive toll on myself for years. To me my dads grave which is in Palmer, Tx is the closest thing to “home” for me. It’s the only thing im really emotional about & the only thing besides my now fiancé that makes my heart feel full. We had decided to go to my dads grave each time something big in our life happened & tell him about it in person. We had planned on moving in together in June so we went to go tell him about it. Arriving at his grave we stood there talking to him about life in general, he then said to my dad, “I guess I want to ask for your permission for your daughters hand in marriage.” Now Connor is a big jokester so I just kinda laughed looked at him smiled & gave him a kiss, thinking he just wanted me to hear him do that since it was something I wanted him to do out of respect for my dad even though he is in Heaven & not physically here. Well, after that he said to me “I guess I have a question for you as well..” following with him turning, getting on one knee & asking “Will you marry me?”

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I have never been so speechless in my entire life!!! My best friend & her boyfriend had driven an hour from where we live just to set up one of their phones to record the whole thing & to be there after to take some pictures of us after the proposal.

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A week later he said he wanted to take me to dinner so we got all dressed up & were going to dinner then my parents called saying we needed to come to their house really fast for whatever really dumb reason & bc I’m moving 3 hours away soon I said fine dinner can wait.

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So we turned to go to their house & when we got there, turns out, Connor planned a surprise little family engagement party for me! It was so perfect, I seriously couldn’t have ever imagined a more perfect way to be proposed to & more perfect person to do all he did for me!

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