Mackenzie and Blake

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How We Met

Blake grew up two blocks away from me for the majority of my life; I lived across from his favorite pizza restaurant, AND he graduated high school with my older sister, yet it took me 23 years to meet him in this small, rural town. I had been single for 5 years, diligently praying for the man that would be my future husband, and eventually became content with the thought of lifelong singleness. So much so, that when Halloween came around, my best friend Megan and I boycotted the typical attempt to look cute for our costume and decided to become the glory that was Wayne and Garth. Her boyfriend was playing in a band that night, and we decided that we would just bask in the weirdness that we are. The night went on, and I was approached by one of my high school friends and Blake, who was just in town visiting for the weekend. Blake hadn’t lived in our hometown for almost 7 years, and visited seldom, so this was a momentous occasion. We talked for a little bit and it never crossed my mind that this could be more than a brief encounter and then gone. However, he contacted me the next day, and we’ve talked everyday since then. He moved back home, and life has been building ever since. It wasn’t a storyboard from a Rom Com, but it is the most genuine, fulfilling, and encouraging adventure that I’ve ever chased after. I look back at the timeline leading up to Blake and understand a little more about God’s perfect timing and the fullness in life He provides if we pursue the freedom in His relentless love. I’ll never understand how I deserve to be loved this way, but I will let it continue to humble me and guide me to become a woman that looks like love.

how they asked

Since we’ve been dating, Blake and I always refer to each other as adventure partners. We bought kayaks, went hiking, and we love to stargaze at a family member’s cabin on the lake. Friday, June 3rd, (National Donut Day, holller!!) I had a First Aid class as continuing education for my job. My best friend Megan and I both had this class, and in the middle of it she gets a phone call that she takes in the hallway. I didn’t think anything of it. After class she asked me to go get ice cream, and chips and salsa, pretty much the world tour of our small town. After our activities, she told me she wanted to raid my closet for vacation; again not out of the norm. So as I turned the corner to walk up the stairs to my room, I began to see candles that lit up an entire set up of framed photographs of Blake and I, flowers, memoirs and everything else I could imagine that was romantic. He bought me a folding compass for Christmas, which was sitting in the middle of this set up. There was a note that said “Meet me under the stars”. Megan had followed behind me, and I look at her in awe. I still had no clue at this point what was happening. She asked me if there was a certain spot we stargazed, and I jumped in my car and headed to the lake. I walked up, under the night sky, to the most handsome man holding a kerosene lantern. The serenity of the lake and the overwhelming feeling that was upon my heart from the events leading up to this, left me speechless. He stood there and I loved him more than any day before, and he held his bible, and read to me the scripture he was willing to promise for our life together. He took everything that looked like love, and he said it to me. He proceeded to get down on one knee, asking me the easiest question I have ever been asked, and I said yes! As we were standing up and hugging and celebrating, I realized that it was too dark and I didn’t even see the ring. We laughed, like we always do, he picked up the lantern and we looked at the most beautiful promise he could have ever put on my finger. Inside the box, it read, “be my adventure partner forever?” I am still in awe of the blessings and the adventure that is unfolding. I can’t help but pinch myself at this grand adventure!

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