Mackenzie and Blake

how we met

Blake and I met not long ago, but it has already felt like a lifetime. The first time we officially hung out I fell head over heels for him. He instantly became my best friend. Through our many months together we have traveled all over. From towns across Texas to across state lines like Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, and Florida. Because of our many adventures, it was not a surprise to me when Blake planned a surprise trip to Denver, Colorado as an early Christmas trip. Little did I know that he had much more planned than just a small surprise trip to Colorado. Shortly before landing in Denver, he gave one of the many surprise envelopes containing the flight information that we were actually flying to New York! Upon arriving in NYC, we did all the touristy things like tour Manhattan, watch shows, and walk around amazed by the city life. On Friday evening, Blake had made plans for us to go see the famous Plaza Hotel Christmas tree, I knew nothing other than to get dressed up for dinner reservations and be ready to visit the tree and Central Park. That night soon became the best night of my life. Blake got down on one knee in front of the Christmas tree and asked me to be his wife. My heart still fills with so much joy thinking back to that moment in time. He had planned the entire trip for months all centered around that perfect question. I knew from the moment I met him he would be my best friend forever. Now, not only do I get to spend forever with him as my best friend, but my husband, my teammate, and my partner as well.

how they asked

For six months, I had planned a surprise trip to NYC for Kenzie and myself. I knew that I wanted to propose in NYC around Christmas time, but there were so many moving parts that it was super hard trying to plan it all out from Texas. After many conversations with Lin, I decided that I wanted to propose in front of the beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby of The Plaza Hotel. I had told Kenzie that we were going to go eat at a nice restaurant that evening so she needed to get dressed up for the night and we would stop by The Plaza to see the tree on our way. Kenzie and I walked in the rain to The Plaza and were able to get in using the “reservation” that Lin was able to make for us. A random lady asked if we wanted her to take our picture in front of the tree. I obliged and my heart was racing. We stood in front of the tree smiling at the random lady taking the picture all while Lin was in the corner ready to spring into action. After we had our picture taken, I convinced Kenzie to move over to the side of the tree where Lin had told me we would have the best angle for pictures. Then I got down on one knee and proposed! Admittedly, I think I blacked out from being so nervous because I don’t remember much. We then got taken up to the bar of The Plaza for champagne and snacks. Myself, Kenzie, and Lin took tons of pictures in and around Central Park in the pouring rain. Everything worked out perfectly and it was definitely a huge life event that I will never forget!

Special Thanks

Lin Pernille Photography
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The Plaza
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