Mackenzie and Andrew

Image 1 of Mackenzie and Andrew

How We Met

We met the first week of college at Endicott College in Beverly, MA when living in the same dorm building. We instantly clicked and have been dating since the first month of college in 2010! We also happened to be in the same major, so we were together a lot, but we preferred it that way! Once we graduated, we moved to NYC together to pursue our career goals and are still inseparable.

how they asked

Andrew always said he wanted to propose back where we met (at Endicott College). He contacted the alumni office and let them know of his plans to propose. They were incredible helping him set everything up! They created and sent me a fake invitation to an aulmni champagne toast for our major and I thought nothing of it. Then, he invited all of our friends to come up with us for the weekend and I was looking forward to a weekend celebrating Halloween with our group of friends. He told me we were going to go back to visit the campus and stop by the alumni event quickly, and then we would head back to Boston. As we walked down to the event, I was talking about who from our class would be there and which professors and as we turned the corner I saw champagne and flowers and I immediately knew – there was no event! This is all for us! He was so nervous and I was in shock! It was absolutely perfect and so special.

Image 2 of Mackenzie and Andrew

Image 3 of Mackenzie and Andrew

Special Thanks

Tory Pilbin
 | Endicott College Alumni Association
Taylor Drake Photography
 | Photography