Mackenzee and John

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How We Met

It all started in the summer of 2014.. John sent me a message on Facebook asking for my number and boy am I glad I gave it to him! He was in college and I was preparing to graduate beauty school. We usually only saw each other on the weeekends, but those few times a month we saw each other, it was so worth it.. Fast forward to two years later, John graduates from Muskingum and will be moving back home! YAY! John then gets a job in Athens, Ohio so we start talking about moving there.. A couple months later and we have an apartment!

how they asked

And on to August 23rd, 2017 BEST DAY EVER, I get home from work around 8:30 PM, John is at his parents house where I had originally planned on coming. Things change so I head home, take off my makeup, order Chinese and turn on a girly movie. John calls me when he is leaving his parents to let me know he is heading home. A little longer than 40 minutes and he isn’t home yet so I’m starting to wonder, all while he’s setting in his truck with the ring LOL, so finally I hear him opening the door and as he’s walking in he’s messing with his shirt pocket. I’m starting to catch what’s going on by then, so John walks into the living room while I’m setting on the couch and drops to one knee! FINALLY! What I had been waiting for finally happened. I was somewhat shocked, as I won’t tell you the first thing that came out of my mouth LOL, the second thing I said was YES!! On June 16th 2018 in Clearwater, FL I will be taking Johns last name.

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