Macie and Scott

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Mt Hamilton GrandView

How We Met

Scotty and I met on in early December 2015. He and I connected on the importance of family as we both believe that family is the cornerstone of a happy life. After a week of messaging, he asked me out on a dinner date! Scotty was so thoughtful (this will be a theme) in planning our first date. He booked 3 different reservations for different times and restaurants. He presented the options to me and let me pick the place. I chose the third option: 7pm at The Farmers Union in downtown San Jose, CA. As I was walked up to the front of The Farmers Union our eyes caught through the front doors of the restaurant. The gentleman that he is, he hustled to open the door for me. The moment we embraced I was giddy. We spent 3 hours at dinner and continued our date with a walk through Christmas in the Park (a San Jose Tradition). Our first date came to a close, but something in my heart told me that this night would be the start of a lifetime together.

how they asked

In early March 2017 Scotty asked if we’d be interested in going to a fancy VIP dinner party at The Mt Hamilton GrandView restaurant that his family friend (Jodi) was organizing. He followed with, “we get to dress up AND we get half-off dinner!” I told him absolutely as I was eager to get back to The Mt Hamilton GrandView since we had skipped their Valentine’s dinner this year. Fast forward to March 25th 2017 – the day of our “fancy VIP dinner party”. It had been a rainy week, but Scotty must had coordinated with Mother Nature because that day the clouds parted and welcomed the sunshine. We were driving the green rolling hills on our way up to The Mt Hamilton GrandView and I noticed he was slightly tense. I thought it was just because he was hungry.

Macie's Proposal in The Mt Hamilton GrandView

We arrived at The Mt Hamilton GrandView and Jodi was out front ready to welcome us. She told us that the dinner party wasn’t quite set up yet, so we could walk down to the lower deck to take in the view meanwhile she’d bring us some wine. Scotty took my hand and walked me down to the lower deck. I noticed an arbor which had flower petals scattered below it, a bird cage hanging with flowers and then garland with the most beautiful colors and OUR initials. As we reached the arbor, a guitarist and vocalist walked up to us and start singing us our song “My Best Friend’ by Tim McGraw.

As Scotty and I danced, it started sinking in more and more that he was going to propose. The song came to an end and Scotty took my hands. He started with “I didn’t bring you here today for a fancy VIP dinner party”. He went on to tell me about how that ever since we’d met he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Scotty then dropped to one knee, pulled the ring from the inner pocket of his jacket and asked me to marry him! I said “ABSOLUTELY – ABSOLUTELY, YES!”

As he rose from his knee, we heard cheers coming from the upper restaurant deck. There, up on the deck, was all of our family overlooking the start of our lifetime together. It was the best day in my life to date. Scotty is a blessing and our love for one another is truly life’s greatest gift.

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