Macie and Braxton

How We Met: While Braxton was serving a two-year LDS mission in Thailand, his cousin Chantay married my older brother, Andrew. When he came back, she kept telling me that I needed to go on a date with him. I kept putting it off because blind, first dates are kind of the worst. Eventually she convinced both of us that we should all three meet for lunch. We met for lunch on August 13th and never looked back.

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Image 2 of Macie and Braxton

how they asked: It was the most magical day of my life. I was so surprised and I loved every minute of it. We were walking to “let his neighbors dogs out” when we came upon the most amazing set up. There was a large grassy field filled with clear jars with candles inside that lit up the scene. In the middle of the field, there was a set of sparkling lights in the shape of a heart with a tent built behind. Inside the tent, there were white blankets and pillows with a video waiting for us to watch. In the video, Braxton explained how he felt the first time he saw me, told all about our first date, and explained when he knew I was the one. He finished the video by telling me all the reasons he loved me and said he had one final question. We then got up and stood in the middle of the heart shape made of lights. He pulled out a tiny red box and said some words that are too perfect to repeat. Then he got down on one his knee and said, “Macie Sara Gee, will you marry me?”

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