Macie and Anthony

Image 1 of Macie and Anthony

How We Met

We had both just graduated high school and were working for the same movie theatre company. His sister was one of my managers and he came in one day to say hey to to her after his shift at work. I had seen him a time or two other times before and we had both exchanged hello’s but on this day it was a little different. I was working refil (where we made the popcorn) and he was standing at our info station talking to his sister, mind you I was at the very back at the building and he was at our entrance. He was wearing a red shirt and all I could think about was how freaking adorable he was standing there. I remember taking a break from serving customers and staring at him for a good 5 minutes. He def knew I was checking him out because he kept smiling and looking over at me. After what it felt like eternity, he finally came over and said hey and we exchanged a couple of how are you’s & it was nice to see you. He asked me how late I was working that night & then left. When I got off from my shift, I couldn’t stop thinking about that conversation. As I’m getting ready for bed, I heard a ding on my phone. It was a facebook message from him asking me how the rest of my shift was. I couldn’t stop smiling. A few weeks went by and after some facebook messages and texts, things were getting a little more serious He started coming into my work even more & coincidentally it was during most of my shifts. I was so eager for him to ask me out, but didn’t want to rush into anything. Another co-worker had kept telling me that I should go out with him, but never knew if it could turn into something special. Finally, I got a text asking me when I was working next, so I simply told him and when I went into work, he was there waiting on me. Once I clocked in & started my shift, he came up and asked if I would like to go see a movie with him and some other people just so that we could hangout outside of work. It took me a minute to realize he was finally asking me out. I didn’t say yes immediately, but told him I would give him an answer by the end of my shift (we were so busy). I couldn’t stop thinking about that question during my entire shift and it made it so hard to focus. After I clocked out, I texted him saying “yes, when and what movie.” When I showed up at the movie theatre a few days later & sat next to him in that very seat, I knew he was going to be something special. The rest is history……

how they asked

We both love to cruise. It’s something that I have been doing since I was 14 with my family once or twice a year & have adopted Anthony into once we had started dating. We try to do one vacation a year where it’s just the two of us and can get away from our crazy busy lifestyles for a couple of days. Back in March, I woke up and told myself that I wanted to look at cruise deals because it was time for another vacation. I had called Anthony to ask if he was up for one for later that year. Of course he said yes. I booked one literally that day for the end of October. We were stoked. As we got closer to the cruise, I knew Anthony was more excited about this cruise than any other vacation we had ever gone on and I just thought it was because we had been busy at work that we were really looking forward to a vacation, but I was wrong.

Fast forward to Oct 29th, 2016, its 2:30am and we are all set to leave from our hometown to Port Canaveral, FL where we stayed one night before the cruise. He couldn’t stop saying how excited he was. We drove all the way through the morning and arrived at 11:15am at our hotel, checked everything in & passed out for hours. When we woke up, we got ready for dinner, came back to our hotel and got everything ready for boarding day the following morning.

The next morning, we got up (Anthony was happier than I have ever seen him) and got to the port and boarded the ship. These days are always hectic, so I look forward to getting to our room and chilling for a bit before exploring the ship. As we began to uppack the bags we had with us, there was a knock on the door. Anthony answered and seemed confused on what was at the door (totally faking it to make it seem like nothing was happening) but there was a note addressed to me & platter of chocolate covered strawberries and a box of brownies for Anthony. The note said “we hope you guys have a wonderful cruise, we love you both, mom & dad.” I totally knew something was up & got super suspicious.

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After we settle in & do our safety drill, it’s time to set sail. We called our parents & were on our way. After about 2 hours into sailing, we go through this awful strorm so the boat is a rocking. Anthony starts to seem irritated when we get to dinner and kinda gets quiet. I asked if everything was okay & he says yeah I just don’t feel good. After dinner, we went to a comedy show & then went to bed.

Fast forward 2 days, it is now Nov 1st, 2016. We are finally at our first port day. Our room was in the way back of the ship so when the motors were rumbling, you could hear them real good. I woke Anthony up & told him let’s go out onto our balcony to watch us come into port. Mind you, I am in a tshirt, pajama pants, hair ontop of my head, no make up on & haven’t brushed my teeth. Anthony gets up, takes a shower, gets nice clothes on & then comes outside to join me. I’m standing against the railing and he’s moving all the chairs and tables back (in my mind I’m going what the heck). Anthony now proceeds to put his arms around me & tell me how the last 3 years have been the best three years of his life and continues to tell me all these sweet things about us, my mind goes blank. Once he’s done telling me all the amazing things he tells me, he says “Macie, turn around”. In that moment, I knew what was about to happen. When I turn around, he begins to get on one knee & say “You are the love of my life, my best friend & my everything so with that being said, will you be my wife?”. It took me a minute to collect myself & Anthony asked “babe, are you going to give me an answer?”, I laughed and screamed yes. I was and still am elated to marry my best friend!

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