Maci and James

How We Met

James is from Australia and I am from Oklahoma. We met last year working at a summer camp in Houston. We spent three months together and decided it wasn’t enough. James came back to Oklahoma with me after camp and the first week he was there we knew we didn’t want to spend our lives apart. We immediately started doing research on what we needed to do to get to be together with him being from another country.

After knowing each other for 5 months we filed for a fiancé visa before we were even engaged. A few months later in January, I went to Australia for the first time, and it was the trip I will never forget. James and I have spent the past year traveling back and forth between Oklahoma and Australia and today he is finally in America for good and we are starting our life together.

how they asked

James and I spent the day going from beach to beach along the great ocean road. We got to the end and stopped at the twelve apostles and he took me right between the rocks in seriously the most amazing place I’ve ever been. He got down on one knee and we both couldn’t stop crying.

Proposal Ideas 12 Apostles in Victoria Australia

Marriage Proposal Ideas in 12 Apostles in Victoria Australia

Maci and James's Engagement in 12 Apostles in Victoria Australia

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