Stefani and Carlos' Machu Picchu Proposal

Machu Picchu Proposal

how they asked: My magical story started when I planned a three-week backpacking trip to South America where I was going to meet up my best friend who was serving in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. I spent a week in Paraguay, a week in Bolivia and our final destination was Peru with a 4-day hike to Machu Picchu. I would FaceTime my boyfriend of two and half years whenever possible as we traveled through the each country where he soon realized how much he missed me and how much he wanted to be with me forever.

He had been looking at rings since the beginning of the year but decided that he wanted to travel to the ends of the world for me. He purchased the ring he had his eye on, asked my parents for my hand in marriage and secretly planned his trip to Peru where he wanted to propose. Carlos looked up my public itinerary online through my travel agency, planned to meet me as I made the final stretch of my hike from the Sun Gate to Machu Picchu. On Tuesday, June 18 we woke up at 5am to start our hike down to Machu Picchu – I was exhausted, musty and extremely hungry by the final stretch of the 4-day hike.

As I made my way down to the magical city, I saw someone familiar coming up the trail. It took me a good minute to recognize the face and realize it was Carlos. It was his second day in the in the area and was still not fully acclimated to the altitude so he was out of breath when he saw me. All I remember is him telling me how much he loved me, that he would travel to the ends of the world for me and if I would be his wife. It was the perfect engagement in the most beautiful place I have ever seen.