Machaela and Collin

how we met

We were both serving as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Texas Lubbock mission. One night we were invited to the same family’s house for dinner which is where we met for the first time. It’s super funny for us to look back on that first night now because we were both trying so hard to respect our roles as missionaries so we were pretty professional and didn’t flirt with each other at all, so we had no idea that we were both pretty into each other! We tease each other all the time that it was one sided or that we don’t believe each other haha. I was just crushed so hard the second I saw him like I was instantly so crazy about him. And then over the course of the night I casually learned that he loves Harry Potter and lots of the same bands as me and sports and traveling and cares a lot about serving other people and that we was so funny and it was game over for yours truly. And apparently he was in the same boat as me! But neither of us would find out until over a year later.

how they asked

Oh it was so sweet! Like I said, we are big hikers and so when he asked if I wanted to hike up to the 5th water hot springs in Spanish Fork canyon in January at 5:30 am I was not surprised, or suspicious or anything at all except totally game. We had already picked out a ring but they had told us it wouldn’t be done for at least another week and a half so I truly was not expecting him to propose that morning. So no makeup, and bedhead hair matched my outfit of a bikini under at least 6 layers of clothes and jackets and hats and snow boots for the hour and half hike. It was freezing but sooo gorgeous and we just had nice talk the whole way up. When we got to the stunning hot springs with the sun coming up over the mountains Collin started unzipping his backpack and said “Hey I’ve gotta show you something!” So I walked over and he pulled out a tiny green book that has been one of my prized possessions for years. It says “On To The Next Adventure” on the front and is full of movie ticket stubs and luggage tags and polaroid pictures and concert tickets and event passes from all of my favorite adventures. He had borrowed it a week before because he said he was going to put some concert tickets in it from one of our first dates that he had rediscovered and he wanted to write me a note to go with them in my book. I thought it was such a sweet idea and gave him my book and forgot all about it! So he handed me my book and flipped it open to the page with the concert tickets inside. I could tell there was a bulge on the next page so I flipped it over and my ring was on the next page with the sweetest note! He slipped the ring out and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. And of course I said yes!! We spent the next our swimming in the hot springs and reminiscing over our favorite memories. After we hiked back down to our car, he asked if he could take me to lunch. We walked in to my favorite restaurant and my best friends were waiting there and surprised me! It was the best day ever.

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