Macey and Randee

How we met: We met slightly over a year ago, at a local bar and restaurant, it was by chance and completely casual. We continued to talk as more than friends over the next several months. He plays a MEAN electric guitar (he owns over 20, it’s an addition that I find slightly adorable) and I would attend his rock band’s local gigs with my girlfriends. I will never forget the first one I ever attended – he ran out on the final song of the night and played the guitar solo right in front of me, it is putting it mildly to say my heart skipped a beat! We began officially dating shortly after and the rest is history.

how they asked: I knew he was the one I wanted to marry before he even had asked me to be his girlfriend.

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It was rainy for days before the Friday we had planned our fishing trip to the nearby beautiful lake. But the clouds disappeared and on March 20th we packed up the Jeep and headed outside for the day date he had planned with a picnic and fishing adventures. About an hour into our trip (and no luck catching any fish) he tells me to go pick out a new lure, I open the tackle box to find a tiny bag from a local jeweler we both loved. I turn around to face him and he was on one knee, and I instantly burst into tears.

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His speech only makes me cry harder as he grabs the ring box and I (quietly, because uncontrollably sobbing) answer “yes!”

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We may not have caught any actual fish that day, but I left with the catch of my life!

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Oh, and the photos are from his younger brother, who hid out for nearly an hour dressed in disguise to capture the moment for us!

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