Macey and Colby

how we met

We were introduced through Macey’s current Brother in Law, Tyler Owen. He is a rival Head Boys Basketball Coach and as we talked and met each other, he mentioned his single sister in law. The rest is history.

how they asked

We went on a family vacation to the US Virgin Islands. On day 1 I wore a fanny pack and Macey hated it. She even made a couple of comments asking if I planned to wear it over the length of the trip. Little did she know, I had the ring in it. (I wanted the valuable jewelry on me everywhere I went.) We hung out on the beach in St Thomas and as we were taking family pictures at the end of the day, I asked Macey to take a final picture of just us. We smiled for a couple of pictures and then I got down on one knee and proposed. She was completely surprised and we were able to share the event with both of our families.

Special Thanks