Macauley and John

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How We Met

The feeling of being on the top of the world is a feeling I often have when I am around John. He has been my best friend and boyfriend for over eight and a half years now. Meeting as young teenagers we have been able to watch ourselves grow and flourish, make mistakes and find ourselves, only to loose ourselves again. After all this time, all of the love, all of the faults, all of the beauty of being hopelessly in love with him, is my most cherished journey. Knowing that he will be mine and I will be his for always is the sweetest happiness I have ever felt. Sharing this life so far with him has been adventurous, exciting, and full of so much love. January 7th, 2009. August 30th, 2017. Eight years. Seven months. Twenty-three days. Twenty Hours. I would wait an infinite amount times that to marry him. All of my heart and all of my soul are connected and intertwined with his. We have been forever bound for a long time but now it will finally be official.

how they asked

We were finally at the age where we knew forever was our next step. John graduated from college and we decided to plan a trip to Colorado to visit my Godparents. Neither of us had been to the Midwest before so we thought it would be a great opportunity to go alone as a couple and spoil ourselves. Little did I know an incredible proposal was in the works. (Back Story: John loves to play tricks and I am extremely gullible when it come to believing anything he says. John is also sort of known for procrastinating.) Of course I had hoped he would propose but told myself there was no way he had it planned out (he sure showed me). Our second day in Colorado we woke up and went to a French bakery for coffee and breakfast. Later that morning we went to see Garden of the Gods with my Godparents. I had been dying to visit the park. It was number one on my list to see while we were there. As we were hiking up the stairs we stopped to take pictures.

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I am oblivious to what is about to happen. My godmother and godfather asked to take our picture in front of an incredible view. It absolutely was the classic turn around and he was on his knee. I immediately started to bawl as he asked me to marry him. I felt so much joy and love from such an amazing, well thought out proposal. My high school sweet heart has finally become my fiancé. My incredible godparents snuck champagne into the park for us to celebrate with. It was the most magical moment of my life, filled with immense amounts of love. I was at a loss for words for the beautiful proposal John had been planning for months. He blew me away. We are now taking time to enjoy our engagement before we start planning.

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Special Thanks

Mary & Sam Thomas - Godparents
 | Videographer
Mary & Sam Thomas - Godparents
 | Photographer